Introducing RatioBuddy

We launched a simple web app for calculating aspect ratios. Just plug in your numbers and go!

Today we launched a beta micro web app to help you out with calculating ratios and dimensions. Introducing RatioBuddy -

Screenshot of the RatioBuddy interface

The web can be a tricky beast. Not least when it comes to designing pages that look and work great across an ever-expanding universe of screen sizes and resolutions. Components that maintain their intrinsic ratio across screens can help to restore some sanity.

Last year we worked on a number of projects that used this approach extensively and I quickly learnt; I am rubbish at maths. To counter this we threw together a quick and dirty tool to quickly calculate an element’s ratio based on its dimensions. Today we’ve cleaned it up and released it on the web, try it out at


  • Calculate an element’s ratio
  • Lock the ratio and calculate an element’s dimensions
  • Easily grab the SCSS to maintain that aspect ratio

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